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Design and manufacturing of expansion joints

Our extensive experience and flexibility give us the ability to develop customized solutions to meet the needs of our clients.

Our Products

Custom-made expansion joints

Juntas de expansión de caucho Juntas de expansión de caucho

Rubber Expansion joints

Las juntas de expansión o compensadores de caucho, son una unión flexible fabricada en base a elastómeros, reforzados con tejido técnico y aros metálicos. Las juntas de expansión alivian el estrés en los sistemas de tuberías, originado por las variaciones de temperatura, vibraciones y movimientos.

  • 1 to 4 Convolutions.
  • DN25 to DN3600.
  • Temperature up to 150ºC.
Juntas de expansión metálicas

Metal Expansion joints

Metal expansion joints are used wherever high temperatures, aggressive fluids, or high pressures are present. They can be designed and produced for a wide range of applications.

  • Single or double bellows.
  • Dimensions up to DN6000.
  • Temperature depending on the alloy.
Juntas de expansión textiles

Fabric expansion joints

The Fabric Expansion Joint is a single or multilayer construction made from glass, silica, ceramic fibres, steels, fluoroplastics, insulation materials and elastomers. The Fabric Expansion Joint absorbs vibration and movements caused by thermal changes, relieving stresses in ducting systems.

  • Single or multi-layer.
  • Unlimited dimensions.
  • Temperature up to 1,000ºC

We help you choose the expansion joint that best suits your needs

Our case studies

Water intake, Poland


DN 3600x350



Design pressure:


Acid plant, Spain


Double convolution with PTFE lining DN 600x400 expansion joint


Acrylic Acid

Design Pressure

FV / 7 BARG.

Fertilizer plant, Jordan


Double convolution DN 400 pressure balanced EJ.


Phosphoric acid concentrated 52-54% with gypsum

Operating conditions pressure / temperature

5-6 BARG / 50ºC

Allowable movements

AXIAL: 60 / -40mm LATERAL: 40mm

Open-cycle Power Plant. Gypsum recirculation pumping system, Poland


Conical excentric DN900/DN1200, 1500mm length, EPDM expansion joint



Design Pressure

15 BARG.

Portable water pumping station, UAE


DN 1200. Food grade EPDM. Glued rubber flanges and reinforcing collars


Potable water

Design pressure

15 BARG.

Main characteristic

Perform as a dismantling joint

Customer references

About us

Specialists in custom manufacturing

We are a company specialized in the manufacturing of expansion joints tailored to the needs of our clients.

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