Quality Policy

SAFETECH, S.L. is determined to focus deeply on implementing a quality management system based on the current ISO 9001 standards.

Taking into account the current demands of the market, the main goal is to place the company in a competitive position as a result of a continuous improving programme. Moreover, the new quality system will assist us to satisfy our customers’ needs and standards.

For this we should:

  • Optimize our competitiveness to its maximum.
  • Improve the results in every area of the company, making everything correctly at first time and feeling proud about it.
  • Assure the quality standard of every processes.

Our customers’ full satisfaction is essential for our company and it would be impossible without the commitment of every single person working at SAFETECH, S.L., including people from the general management area. That means we all must compromise and adapt our ways of working to the new system.

During the implementation of the quality system, new goals will be defined and quantified. These new goals will be related to:

  • Meet our customers’ requirements.
  • Improvement of process efficiency through continuous improvement.
  • Increase the backlog, customer’s amount and company profit.
  • Decrease the costs from nonconformities.
  • Safe working conditions.
  • Etc.

We believe in the success of this plan if every person cooperates in the process.

May 30th 2018